Brazil, the eighth largest economy in the world with an abundance of natural resources, is undoubtedly the leader in its region. With it’s impressive growth from 2002 to 2012 under former president Lula da Silva’s guiding hand, Brazil is sure to become the next major player in the global market.

However, shortly after Lula da Silva’s successor, Dilma Rousseff, was elected president, the future of Brazil didn’t look as promising. Brazil has been troubled by a stalled economy followed by the rise of violent crimes and a high inflation rate, and most recently, corruption scandals involving many high powered politicians- including President Dilma. This instability has sent many Brazilians into a state of disappointment and even anger with the direction their beloved country is heading.

During our research we found that the most unique asset of Brazil is its people. Brazilians are extremely creative and resourceful, and we believe that every Brazilian can act as a change agent for their country, for their future is in their own hands.

That’s when Crio Brasil, which translates to I Create Brazil, was born. It is a social movement that will not only inspire and fuel the people of Brazil, but will also bolster socio-economic growth and will shine a light on the everyman.


Crio Brasil Impeto highlights local Brazilians who take ownership of their future, in turn reminding Brazilians that anyone can be a hero. By doing what you love you are helping the country move towards a positive future.

Crio Brasil Som is a platform that encourages Brazilians to engage with social change and truly be in charge of their own future. The Crio Brasil Som website will be the meeting point for all Brazilians and the launching point for their social initiatives, serving as an amplifier of their collective voice.

We picked the metaphor of Buttress Tree Roots. They are typically found in nutrient-poor rainforest soils in Brazil. Although they do not penetrate to deeper layers, they do prevent the tree from falling over. Whenever the environment consists of the perfect balance of air, food, and water to meet this organic architecture's ultimate needs, the roots will spontaneously start growing in all directions, further anchoring the trunk, and further nourishing the tree. 

This is the fundamental idea of how Crio Brasil will spread. Once the starting point has gotten enough nutrients the roots of the idea will spread organically and spontaneously.

Team: Jayda Chi, Purva Sawant, Starrain Yang, and Montse Zamorano

Advisors: Sem Devillart and Dr. Dan Formosa