Cultural change is neither unpredictable nor random. During our Analysis, Insight and Forecasting class, we were each given an individual project to attempt to predict an upcoming shift in culture by discovering the seeds of the next that are buried in the now. By doing so we were able to translate these patterns into actionable human and cultural insights, which prove to be invaluable throughout the lifecycle of any product or brand.

We live in a technology-driven and social media-centric society. Although selfie was the 'it' word for 2013, selfie culture as a whole is still at its peak. It has been criticized by many, most often classified with a negative connotation. Selfie culture is often seen as promoting narcissism, self-importance, and even selfishness. It has led to uncountable instances of bullying, peer pressure, and at it's most hurtful, suicide among young adults.

We have begun to see a shift in the public consciousness - a yearning for privacy. The idea of the anti-selfie in fashion, art and pop culture.

The desire of people wanting to live anonymously and not to be judged or objectified seems to be emerging. The trend will eventually turn into a movement as we begin to see a few businesses emerge that actually promote anonymous living.

Digital Detox creates a space and experience that gives individuals the freedom and permission they need to truly unplug and decompress. Participants put aside their digital devices to recharge, gain perspective, and reevaluate their relationship with  technology.

Vipp Shelter facilitates an escape to nature. It is neither a house nor a mobile home. Rather it is spacious, functional, and livable industrial object. 

Instructor-Sem Devillart