There are 96 million people in the United States who own cats. Moreover, the 21st century has been called the century of the cat - cat videos rank in the millions and have an incalculable number of views, and there are websites that devote huge portions of their resources to cat-mania and cat celebrities like Grumpy Cat, Colonel Meow and Keyboard Cat.

However, cat lovers like myself often hear of cats being considered evil, untrustworthy, frightening due in large part to fictional accounts and stereotypes which has motivated me to devote my 100 days project to exploring the relationship between human and their cats. I want to know what make some folks think cats are awesome and they are not 'crazy cat people' because they own a few cats. In 100 days I will meet with 100 people and their cats. The goal of this project is to try to understand why people love their cats and what they cherish about the relationship, and in doing so to help feline phobic to consider cats in a different light.

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